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Investment & build-up

For Blocore, investment is not just funding at the best timing but creating outstanding results through effective communication and cooperation. Unlike many other firms that consider “Closing the deal” as the end of the due diligence process, we think of it as more like “Opening the deal” that funding is a process to find new companions to dream with new stories that will come true. That is why Blocore primarily focuses on growth as a team, going through all the processes from the beginning until the end.

Own business

Experts in various fields, such as development, planning, marketing, design, etc., have gathered into one team, Blocore, and are ready to go for a better and revolutionary result rather than being satisfied with the status quo. We firmly believe in the endless possibility of Web3 in all areas including but not limited to, games, services, technologies and platforms. We pursue to take another step toward innovation when others think “That’s enough.”

James Lim
Blocore CEO / Founder

Forbes 30 under 30 Asia

True Global Ventures (TGV) Founding Partner

Gameberry Inc. CEO / Founder

Seoul National Univ.

KH Min

Google Play, Country Director

Google, Head of Business Development, Apps Games

Seoul National Univ. (Material Science/Business Administration)

Jinsan Kim
Technical Partner

EA, Technical Director

LINE, Blockchain Engineering Lead

Plutogames, CEO/Founder

Seoul National Univ. (Computer Science & Engineering)


Assets Under Management (USD)




Employees for Investment, and Own business

core alliance
core alliance
A vital catalyst for web3 gaming
Core Alliance is an investment alliance formed of world-leading gaming companies with a mission to discover blockchain-based projects that can present games with high quality and originality that all users can truly enjoy.
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Every moment of Blocore becomes a new history

Many of the modern innovations we benefit from are the result of relentless endeavors to make improvements. No matter how satisfied we are today, the innovation must not stop. Blocore will always look for the next step where a revolutionary paradigm is needed, and continuously challenge ourselves to create new opportunities by changing conventions in various parts of the industry.

Our Mission
Discover realms in need of new perspectives and innovate with borderless integrations.
Core Values

Humble and Bold

We respect entrepreneurs with our deepest hearts and humbly listen to their innovative ideas; but when it is the right time to raise a bold opinion, we never hesitate to. Blocore makes the most reliable and authentic partnerships.


Blocore always utilizes an optimal process and brings the most tangible results. We focus on achieving desired goals and generating meaningful outcomes by providing meticulous, keen, and professional guidance with widespread support.


Blocore knows that the tendency to follow the traditional way is the biggest barrier to innovation. We flexibly shift the paradigm by confidently adopting atypical methods.
We open up our journey to Web3 across gaming, social, IP and technology through diverse forms of projects including in-house products, joint ventures, and post-investment management.