Blocore is an investment firm and accelerator
focused on blockchain technology and digital assets
We manage two types of funds, which are open to both seed and later stage companies.


We are experienced in both traditional finance and emerging blockchain ecosystem.


We believe in the value and impact that blockchain will bring to the world


We are building portfolio network who shares the same philosophy, and bringing value-add resources across the portfolio companies.


Not only as a financial investor, we support projects as a team to make them successful. Our strategy reflects the rapidly changing market, and is built on the accumulated experience of our entire team

Key Investments

Klaytn is Kakao’s global public blockchain project aiming to offer enterprise-grade and service-centric platform that could bring user-friendly blockchain experience to hundreds of millions of people.

Milk alliance brings together the points of lifestyle services and make them interchangeable for other services you need. It is mainly partnered with Yanolja, which is the No. 1 accommodations booking app in Korea.

Wemade Tree provides diverse gaming contents with blockchain, powered by WeMade, one of the major gaming publisher in Korea, with more than 10 gaming developers as its subsidiaries.

The Sandbox is a blockchain integrated, 3D voxel-designed multiplayer game and social network platform offering a new gaming experience. The game has been installed by 40M users worldwide.

Playdapp is the world's first gaming platform built using meta-blockchain technology such as ETH, EOS etc. It is building a gaming platform focusing on decentralized Identity, decentralized Ledger and decentralized CDN.

Animoca Brands (ASX:AB1) is publicly listed game publisher in Australian Securities Exchange, leveraging popular brands, AI, blockchain and mobile technology to make engaging apps.

Tokamak Network is Turing Complete Plasma Chain Building Protocol enabling child chains that is decentralized and secure as Ethereum Main chain with scalability. The project also was given grant by Ethereum Foundation.

Firmachain, with its service 'Duite', aims to replace all social and legal actions that are based on existing written documents with a transparent platform that combines electronic document-signatures with blockchain.

Elysia is a P2P real estate shares exchange and co-investment platform connecting real estate sellers and investors worldwide.

Temco is a blockchain based supply chain data management and e-commerce open market platform which provide better transparency and reliability in the supply chain process.

Hintchain is a food data protocol with 3.5 million users, providing AI-based food recommendations to consumers and target marketing tool to merchants.

Spin Protocol is an influencer-driven e-commerce ecosystem where the influencers become super-sellers for their preferred items. It is powered by no.1 fashion video commerce platform Womanstalk.

XCHNG provides the digital advertising ecosystem with an open and unified blockchain framework, powered by the leading advertising data attribution provider, Kochava.

AmonD is a decentralized advertisement operating platform which enables innovative target marketing for advertisers and reasonable compensation of contributions for users.

Lyze is a decentralized investment data analysis platform which provides reliable information to based on market data to cryptocurrency investors.

As a team, we accelerate projects to Create token value, Be commercialized, Be global

Token Sales

Supporting private and public token sales through Blocore's network of private investors and global exchange partners.


Blocore's marketing team consists of crypto marketer and traditional users acquisition manager which have been cooperated with global leading products/services in various categories from crypto, gaming, e-commerce, brands, etc.

Market Strategy

Execute subsequent strategies for projects to maintain and leverage values and further growth in the market

We are founders, traders, analysts, engineers, product managers, marketers and user acquisition professionals


HyungCheol Lim
Piao Zaimin
Junyoung Kim
Asheley Lee
Tracy Ngo
Taekyu Hwang


Paulo Vitor Romano
Chanhee Park
Sean Kim
Goeun Choe
Minyoung Park
Hyemin Lee
Joel Park
Minjeong Koh
Feliepe Correa
Peter Kim
Juhyung Lee
Jim Choi
Siwan Kim
Leila Kim
Wonjoon Shin
Sora Park
James Halfpenny


Changjo Oh
Daeun Lee
Dominic Yang
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a global impact
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