We invest and accelerate blockchain projects.

Blocore supports the overall commercialization process of the token.
Starting from seed investments, we provide follow-on investments from our own fund and partnered funds, marketing and community managing and exchange listings etc.
We have analysts, marketing professionals, listing managers, technicians which are assigned for each procedures.


Seed investment on projects from Blocore fund and proceed follow on investment on projects through larger scale fund which is organized by Blocore together with global leading partner investors. And we also help projects raising funds from our partner funds.

Marketing/Community Building

The marketing team of Blocore is consisted of professionals which have accumulated experience in marketing and community managing in the blockchain industry. The managers are capable of appropriate actions according to different circumstances which match the investors’ needs. We provide services such as Community marketing, Meet-up organization, PR, influencer marketing etc. in the Blockchain industry.


Blocore is capable to plan listing strategies according to project’s needs through partnered cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. As a partner, we support projects to list on exchanges which correspond the conditions from both sides, and help to prepare the requirements necessary during the listing procedure.


Through our own advertising platform, we provide user acquisition services for exchanges and projects in order to attract potential investors and users.

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We are looking for next game changer.
Blocore consists of 30 professionals including investment analysts, traders and marketers.
A group of blockchain experts and our proven system will add more value on your project.